About Us

Rockfish Valley Trails Rockfish Valley Foundation, headquartered in Nellysford, Virginia has received confirmation of its status as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, retroactive to its founding date August 18, 2005. Rockfish Valley Foundation is qualified to receive tax-deductible contributions, bequests, devises, transfers, or gifts. Grant making institutions can issue grants to the foundation. The foundation is further classified as a public charity. The foundation, its officers, and Trustees are proud to accept the responsibilities that accompany non-profit status and will strive to be effective in carrying out its important purposes.

We provide the Rockfish Valley Information Center with maps and info brochures. It is open dawn to dusk.

inside the Rockfish Valley Information Center
camille trailhead kiosk
camille trailhead kiosk

Our principle resources include:

    • Rockfish Valley Trail System
      • Geology Trail
      • Track Trail- Kids in Parks
    • Spruce Creek Park
      • Children’s Nature Trail
      • Native Plant Walk
    • Natural History Center

2020 Board of Trustees

      • Peter A. Agelasto III, Chairman, Executive Committee
      • Peter A. Agelasto IV, President
      • Leslie Wood, Treasurer
      • Betsy Rawls Agelasto, Secretary, Executive Committee
      • Diane Easley, Administrator, Executive Committee
      • Barbara Hayl
      • Sharon A. Hudson
      • Michael Lachance, Executive Committee
      • David Peyton
      • John R. Zawatsky, Executive Committee

Emeritus Trustees

      • Parker Camp Agelasto, Founding and Emeritus Trustee
      • Paul Davis, Founding and Emeritus Trustee
      • Dr. Chip Morgan, Founding and Emeritus Trustee
      • Adm. Joseph W. Prueher, Founding and Emeritus Trustee
      • S. Waite Rawls III, Founding and Emeritus Trustee
      • Russell M. Reid, Founding and Emeritus Trustee
      • Hank Gibb, Founding and Emeritus Trustee
      • Craig Cooper
      • Dale Weigel
      • Frederick W. Winter (Rick)
      • Christopher Gensic
      • Liz Sargent


      • Katrina Broughman, Educator / Program Manager
        • Katrina’s bio can be found here, and her resume can be found here.
      • Diane Easley, Administrator