Kids In Parks TRACK Trail Dedication – April 3

Kids In Parks Kiosk - Winter (Close)Kids In Parks TRACK Trail Dedication – April 3, 3:30 p.m. (Trailhead)

Open now for your enjoyment at the Rockfish River Trailhead, the Rockfish Valley TRACK Trail is sure to entertain kids with a great time learning about the animals, plants, and culture of the Rockfish Valley. This trail will be dedicated in early April by members of the Kids In Parks organization.

Photographer Ben Greenberg – March 15

Photographer Ben Greenberg – March 15, 2 – 3 p.m. (Natural History Center)

James River, Richmond - BG

Ben Greenberg will be at the Rockfish Valley Foundation’s Natural History Center (NHC) on March 15 to talk about his upcoming book, Natural Virginia, which features panoramic photographs from across the state. His pictures will continue to be on display at the Center through April 15 after his talk. You may view them Saturdays and Sundays after the Center reopens April 5 or by special arrangement.

A Water Quality Study

A Water Quality Study on the North Fork, South Fork, Rockfish River and Taylor Creek in Nelson County, VA.
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North Rockfish Report final 7.29.10

South Rockfish Rural Historic District


Several members of the community have formed a committee under the Rockfish Valley Foundation to investigate a Rural Historic District designation for their area. It has been designated the South Rockfish Rural Historic District.

A rural historic district is a geographical area recognized for its historical significance by formal listing on the Virginia Landmarks Register and the National Register of Historic Places. Listing an area as a Rural Historic District is an honorary designation that has real benefits in bringing communities together to protect their unique cultural, historic, and natural assets. It provides limited protection from certain Federal actions for buildings or landscapes in the district, as well as the possibility of tax credits for major building renovations.

The Virginia Department of Historic Resources recommends submission of a Preliminary Information Form (PIF) for consideration before preparation of a full nomination. This is so the staff at VDHR can review and advise on the proposed historic district. The nomination will need to include a map with the proposed district boundaries as well as photographs of the primary resources that comprise the district.

Download the Preliminary Information Form (PIF) here

Download proposed district boundary map here


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VDOT Press Release September 13, 2005


CONTACT: Paula K. Jones (434) 856-8176 Sept. 6, 2005


LYNCHBURG – Along two miles of the South Fork of the Rockfish River in Nelson County, the land appears scarred and barren but things are, as we know., not always as they seem. The dump trucks, backhoes and bulldozers that have rumbled through this mostly peaceful area since early June are, in reality, there to make things better.

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has been helping this stretch of the South Fork of the Rockfish River to return to a more natural state. In addition, the work has been done to offset damage done to several streams in Amherst County during the construction of the U. S. 29 Bypass of Madison Heights, as is permissible by regulation.

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A picture of VDOT working to repair flow of the Rockfish river

We have begun to write down our journey and share with the public the development of our foundation. There are a number of exciting opportunities happening. From a new Virginia Master Naturalist Chapter to new Bluebird houses we are engaging our local ecology and participating in its biodiversity and health. We have just completed a river restoration project to help restore the natural flow of the south-fork of the Rockfish river. While it may seem unnatural to re-channel and engage the flow of a river, our research studies have shown that river flow is something we all affect regardless of if we have contact with the actual river. Here is a picture of some of the river restoration work that the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has accomplished. We have hundreds of photographs that we plan to publish over the next few weeks and months.