Trail Etiquette

Rockfish Valley Foundation Dog Policy

The Rockfish Valley Foundation offers these beautiful trails for the enjoyment of the community.  It is important that we keep the trails safe and also keep the habitat protected for the wildlife who live here. 

  • Please keep your dog under control at all times.
  • As a courtesy to others on the trail, please put your dog on a leash when approaching other hikers, other pets, or children. 
  • Parents, please be mindful of your child’s behavior on the trails and around dogs.
  • Please respect designated birding and wildlife habitat.  Leash your dog and watch your children when walking through them in order to protect these areas.
  • Please keep dogs that have a history of aggression at home.
  • Please pick up your dogs waste and dispose of it at your home,  not on the trail.
  • Spruce Creek Park etiquette requires that all dogs be kept on leash at all times unless out on connecting surrounding trails .

If you identify an offending pet/dog owner, please contact us at  (It would be helpful to have a picture to help with identification.)

You use trails at your own risk.  Rockfish Valley Foundation assumes no liability for injuries caused by your pet or to your pet.