2012 Budget Summary – rev. March 12, 2012
Calendar Year Basis


Operating expenses

Utilities – RVF office: (pre Natural History Center ) $ 600
Liability Insurance 165
Septic – Bell’s Port-0-John 1200
Communications Verizon: (pre Natural History Center ) $35/mo. 420
Website maintenance: (does not include any development work) 300
Equipment and maintenance (new vs replacement) 0
Supplies 200
Printing and copying for brochures and fliers 300
Fund raising – Dec 2012 solicitation letter 500
Publications 100
Travel, meetings, ($200 reimbursable by others excluded) 0
Dues and memberships VCN and CNE 200
Annual meeting / state annual fees and registrations 100
Special events: (subject to obtaining funding for each event) 0
Trails Maintenance 1000

Subtotal Operating Expenses $5,085

Marketing expenses
Rack card see VTC budget for NSL; also RVF rackcard 400
Business cards 100
2 Trifold brochures: trails and RVF also funds from VMNH budget 300
Advertising: Nelson County Life at $95/mo. 1140
Hats for resale 200

Subtotal Marketing Expenses $2,140

Current Project Expenses – Restricted Funds

VA Tourism Corp
Funding approved $5000
Spent 3500
Balance Left 1500 $1,500

2012 Budget Summary- continued pg. 2

Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF):
Funding approved $1500
Spent 821.64
Balance Left $678.36 $678.36

Geology Trail II: (unrestricted but allocated)
Funds approved $2500
Spent 0
Balance Left $2500 $2,500

S Rockfish Rural Historic District: (unrestrictred but allocated)
Funds available $1500
Spent 0
Balance Left $1500 $1,500

Subtotal Current Project Expenses -restricted funds $6,178.36

TOTAL EXPENSES: $13,403.36


Funds available: $8403.36

Accounts Receivable: (VA Tourism Corp.) $5000.00

TOTAL INCOME $13,403.35


2012 Grant Funding Commitments received for Natural History Center Project :
BamaWorks $5000
Nelson County Community Fund (NCCF) $5000
Charlottesville Area Community Fund (CACF) $5000
Subtotal Grant Funding Commitments $15,000

1. Annual Fund Raising – community fund raising solicitation has been initiated with a goal of raising $40,000. As of March 12th RVF has reached the $25,000 threshold necessary to proceed with the VMNH affiliation project and Natural History Center.

2. Plans are underway to raise an additional $15,000 to be dedicated to supporting the 2013 Maintenance & Operations expenses (est. at $10,000) and a new Kids In Parks program (est. at $5000).

3. RVF has adopted a policy of allocating the first $40 of every contribution to the establishment of a perpetual two year Maintenance & Operations expense reserve for the Natural History Center, Spruce Creek Park and Trails system (an approx.$15,000/yr on-going expense item).

4. S Rockfish Historic District –RVF has a summer intern to help with this planned project and has received funding for a budget of $1,500 . However the project could need $13,000. Support is under discussion with a prospective donor who has expressed interest in the project. Liz Sargent, Trustee, is meeting with UVA professor Rich Collins in the UVA Graduate School of Architecture program to determine the possibility of a graduate student program for the fall. Work is proceeding within the budget limitations