RVF was founded in 2005 and has developed over the years without paid staff through the effort of super volunteers. Only in the last several years has a very limited number of paid staff been added. Volunteers remain the backbone and energy of the organization. RVF provides three resources to the community: Rockfish River Trail System, Spruce Creek Park and the Natural History Center.  None of these prosper or accomplish the RVF mission without volunteers. That is true especially of the Natural history center which depends on its hosts and docents to open it to the public.  In addition to the above resources, there is the RVF education program for all students in Nelson  County. Your enthusiasm for anything we do, if converted to a volunteer position, will add immeasurably to what we can do to make Nelson  County a better place.

Natural History Center Hosts Needed!

Interested in spending a couple hours of your time volunteering as a host in the Natural History Center? Please visit https://signup.com/go/XQaraUM to sign up.

Volunteer Opportunities

2021 Volunteer opportunities


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Policy for Volunteers at Rockfish Valley Foundation

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Volunteer Policy As Approved v1