RVF Discovery iPad Program

RVF, in order to help connect the indoors to the outdoors, has created the Discovery iPad Program. We have several iPads loaded with useful nature apps to lend out for use in Spruce Creek Park. These apps contain wonderful information on nature and many can actually identify the different plants and animals you see by taking a photo of them.

Our apps include:

Merlin, a useful bird identification app.

Audubon Bird Guide, another app for birds, but with more information on each species such as behavior and migration patterns.

iNaturalist, this app lists nature sightings in the area and allows for you to record your own.

Seek, this app was made by iNaturalist. It allows you to take a picture of an animal or bug and will then identify it for you.

PictureThis, this app is similar to the ones above, but instead of identifying animals it identifies plants. Ever wonder what that random weed growing by the trail was? This app will tell you.

Grog Knots, this app shows step by step how to tie hundreds of different knots.

This program is free for all to use. Simply visit the museum before your Spruce Creek Park visit and ask to borrow one of our iPads. We do ask that our iPads are not to be taken off the Spruce Creek Park property, and that they are returned before the museum closes.