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Everything is bigger and better here, even the history! Come explore the thousands of historical, cultural, and natural treasures in Nelson County. We want to enrich your life through history, one visit at a time. This page is designed to put the community and travel resources you need at your fingertips. Explore online, in person, or by navigating our projects.


Welcome to the Rockfish Valley!

The History, Culture, Stories of the Rockfish Valley and Nelson County

The RVF assembled the best and brightest to open your door to the Nelson County and Rockfish Valley past and welcome you to its culture and history. This program was offered via zoom and at the Tuckahoe Clubhouse in Nellysford, VA for a live audience on Sunday February 26, 2023.

Our Projects

Nelson Scenic Loop

Nelson Scenic Loop is your best resource for exploring Nelson’s historic and cultural treasures. Learn about the experiences available at our heritage sites and attractions. Discover exciting events all over the county and browse the stories on our blog. Use our trip planning tools and resources to plan the perfect trip through Nelson’s history. Your adventure awaits!

South Rockfish Valley Rural Historic District

Nelson County’s South Rockfish Valley Rural Historic District comprises a 1,620-acre swath of historic farms, agricultural landscapes, small crossroads, and residential communities. The district boasts a well-preserved rural landscape with a continuous tradition of farming since the first half of the 1700s. 

Blue Ridge Life & Nelson County Life Magazines

The wonderful Blue Ridge Life magazine now have a complete index for all of their articles! This index was created by Nathan Parrish in collaboration with RVF and the Nelson Public Library and with permission of the creators of the magazine, Tommy and Yvette Stafford.