Join Our Volunteers!

Founded in 2005, RVF has benefited mightily from the magnificent efforts and greathearted generosity of our volunteers. For the first decade of its existence, the Foundation didn’t have much of a paid staff, and its every accomplishment was the result of many hands. RVF has grown substantially since its founding in 2005, but our volunteers still serve as the backbone of our organization. We are buoyed every day by their optimism, their commitment to projects both small and complex, and their unflagging dedication to RVF’s mission. Come join us!

Interested in learning more? Fill out RVF’s Volunteer Questionnaire, and we’ll get back to you!

Random Acts of Volunteering

Thank you for visiting! Hanging out with a youngster and looking for a small manageable project? Have a moment to give us a quick hand? Help us keep up appearances by

  • Pulling grass from rock pathways. Just toss the weeds into the grass or add them to the compost pile on the east side of the Children’s Play Area

  • Cleaning the chalkboard or the Storywalk displays

  • Picking up sticks and placing in the fire pit on the north side of the Children’s Play Area.

  • Removing dead leaves from cowslips in bid near the Natural History Center

  • Sweeping porch and stairs around the Natural History Center, or the bridges. Be sure to sweep into the grass, not the stream!

  • Tidying the mud kitchen

Supplies and tools are located on the porch of the Natural History Center. Share photos of your experience by tagging #rockfishvalleyfoundation or sending them to

We are Volunteer-Powered

Our volunteers help us in four key areas

  • Outdoor Projects (Trails, Spruce Creek Park, all outdoor exhibits)

  • Natural History Center

  • Special Programs and Events

  • Random Acts of Volunteering