Rockfish Valley Trails

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Our network of trails provides public access to the South Fork of the Rockfish River and Reid’s Creek. Parking is available at both Spruce Creek Park and Rockfish River trailhead. Currently, the red trail (see map above) through Spruce Creek Park is open. The blue trail from the 151 / Rockfish River trailhead to Glenthorne Loop and Reid’s Creek is open, but not yet a full loop.

The natural-surface trails are open for hikers, birdwatchers. 6 miles of trail in loops of various lengths can be woven together or enjoyed as smaller pieces, allowing a new experience with every visit. We are considering bicycle and equestrian uses in the future, but they currently not allowed. Recognized as part of the Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail, the loops offer spectacular views of natural beauty near and far. We are pursuing acceptance into the Virginia Bluebird Society, with a system to monitor the success of 25 newly installed birdhouses. Sections of the Rockfish and Reid’s Creeks are being cared for under DCR’s Adopt-a-Stream program, and a Scenic River designation is being sought for the South Fork and balance of the Rockfish River in Nelson County.

Trail Etiquette:

  • Don’t disturb the rocks, plants, or animals.
  • Refrain from throwing anything into the creek.
  • Take out what you brought in and do your neighbors a favor and pick up a piece or two of trash if you see it.
  • Park where designated
  • Enjoy the nature and beauty around you

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Spruce Creek Park and Reid’s Creek Loop

Start and return from Spruce Creek Park.

From 151 (Rockfish Hwy) parking lot: Cross foot bridge over Spruce Creek and turn left.
From 627 (Glenthorne Loop) parking lot: head towards history center and turn right before foot bridge.

Trail passes between a lowland and a fenced lot. After the fenceline, a hay pasture opens to your right. The trail meanders in and out of the woods edge until it reaches Glenthorne Loop. At this point you can:
– turn right to return directly to Spruce Creek for a total hike of approx. .5 mile
– turn left to continue to Reid’s Creek and the Model Farm for an additional 1 or 2 mile loop

Follow Glenthorne Loop to the Elk Hill Baptist Church. Cross the bridge over the Rockfish River, where you may see herons, fish, and many varieties of plants. Follow Glenthorne Loop to the right.
All other roads at this point are private drives.

Just after the first big curve, turn right into the field and follow Reids Creek to a bridge. Cross the bridge and you have entered the Model Farm. Please do not enter the nursery property
– To the right is the confluence of Reid’s Creek and the Rockfish River. (½ mile loop)
– To the left is the bog trail and a picnic and camping area. (1 mile loop)
– Return to Spruce Creek Park (½ mile trip)

After the bog, the trail will pass through farm fields along Reid’s Creek to another picnic and camping area. At this point you can:
– Cross Reid’s Creek via a foot bridge, pass through a field at the edge of the nursery and you are on Glenthorne Loop, turn left to return to Spruce Creek Park (1 mile), or
– Follow the fenceline of the farm around to and along Route 151, then along the Rockfish River back to the pole bridge over Reid’s Creek (1 mile loop and ½ mile back to S.C.P.).

Return to Spruce Creek Park on Glenthorne Loop by retracing your steps past the Elk Hill Baptist Church.