Bluebirds and the Rockfish Valley Trail

Bluebirds and the Rockfish Valley Trail

The Rockfish Valley Foundation members and volunteers are actively involved in the building and monitoring of Bluebird boxes along the trail. We monitor the trail and record information about the boxes and their inhabitants once a week from April 1 to August 31 each year. Currently, volunteers monitor 52 boxes. A grant from the Virginia Bluebird Society was received to support this effort.

2010 Bluebird Box Results

A total of 290 Bluebirds fledged for the the 2010 nesting season:
Reed’s Creek 102
Glenthorn Loop 108
Rockfish East 80

2008 Bluebird Box Results

222 Bluebird, 42 Tree Swallow, 13 Carolina Chickadee, and 11 Carolina Wren fledglings were counted during 2008. Nine new Bluebird boxes were added.

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Bluebird Monitoring Information and Forms