South Rockfish Rural Historic District


Project Summary

Research Problem

Several members of the community have formed a committee under the Rockfish Valley Foundation to investigate a Rural Historic District designation for their area. It has been designated the South Rockfish Rural Historic District. The Virginia Department of Historic Resources suggests, a Preliminary Information Form (PIF) be undertaken in advance of the application. This is so the staff at VDHR can review and advise on the proposed historic district. The application (not the PIF) requires a map with the proposed district boundaries as well as photographs of the major resources within that district which should submitted along with the PIF.

A list of impacted property owners must be made for the application and the process needs good support for the historic district among property owners within the boundaries. Otherwise, there is a need to do some public meetings to build support for it. VDHR has offered to participate in such meetings.


The historic district designation can be a valuable tool for the community to support tourism, encourage land stewardship, achieve economic development, and preserve the rural character of the South Rockfish area.


SRRHD Overlay Map of Hisotric Land Patents

The South Rockfish has retained much of its character and physical integrity due to a long history of farmer families proud of their land. Since the mid-seventeenth century, various families ventured to settle in the isolated valleys of what is now Nelson County. Many have continued living and farming here for about 260 years conserving an almost untouched landscape and un-spoiled rural environment. The architecture of both the agricultural buildings and the (planter’s) houses reflects sober aesthetics and the building traditions from two colliding cultures. These values make the South Rockfish a unique, treasured cultural landscape.

Research Objectives

To draft a district proposal that makes a convincing case for the cultural and historical significance of the area.

Heritage Sites


  • 1. Elk Hill
  • 2. River Bluff
  • 3. Stone Chimney
  • 4. Wintergreen Christian Church
  • 5. Elk Hill Baptist Church
  • 6. Glenthorne
  • 7. Wintergreen Country Store
  • 8. Wintergreen
  • 9. Graves Grocery
  • 10. Morrison/Coleman House
  • 11. Valley Mont Market


  • 1. Store and home
  • 2. Brick mill, Spruce Creek
  • 3. Slaughter School
  • 4. Gristmill
  • 5. Slaugther and Fitzpatrick Store
  • 6. Gannaway’s Store
  • 7. Ed Coleman’s Store
  • 8. Wintergreen Post Office
  • 9. Valley Mont


  • 1. Rockfish Valley Public School
  • 2. Store, 2788 RV Highway
  • 3. Nellys Ford Colored School
  • 4. J.P. Hughes, Forest House
  • 5. Three Chimneys
  • 6. Crawford House
  • 7. Stone Chimney and Foundations near Crawford
  • 8. Rockfish Valley Baptist Church
  • 9. Valley Farm
  • 10. Village of Lodebar
  • 11. Critzer’s Mill
  • 12. Meander Inn B&B
  • 13. Upland Farm now Mark Addy
  • 14. Rodes Farm Inn
  • 15. House former part of Rodes Farm
  • 16. Rockfish Presbyterian Church
  • 17. Fork Farm and Fork Crest
  • 18. River Run House
  • 19. Old Martin’s Mill


  • 1. Old Nellys Ford Site
  • 2. Colored School, Adial
  • 3. Doctor’s Office Adial
  • 4. Witt House
  • 5. Copper Mines
  • 6. Allen House and Monocan Boy
  • Scout Camp
  • 7. Store and IOOF Lodge #91
  • 8. Valley Entrance
  • 9. Castle Hill
  • 10. Stone Garage
  • 11. Howardsville Turnpike

Beech Grove

  • 1. Coffey-Campbell House (Tectonics Office)
  • 2. Aylmer/White Oak House
  • 3. Layman Dodd House
  • 4. Beech Grove Schoolhouse, now apartments
  • 5. Site of Moses Hughes House
  • 6. T.W. Hughes Store and Filling Station
  • 7. Site of Union Church
  • 8. Beech Grove Christian Church
  • 9. High View
  • 10. Glen Mary
  • 11. Arrington Train Station
  • 12. Schoolhouse, Glenthorne Loop
  • 13. Campbell Farm
  • 14. John Falls House


  • 1. Site of Dunkard Church, Beech
  • Grove Christian Church Cemetery
  • 2. Site of Foster’s Store and Filling Station
  • 3. Site of Reid HouseSouthRockfishHistoricalDistrict

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