Camille in the Daily Progress Newspaper

Hurricane Camille ravaged Nelson on the night of August 19 and the morning of August 20,1969. the beautiful landscape of the Rockfish Valley and other parts of the county still bear witness to this event. The Rockfish Valley Foundation seeks to honor the lives lost and remind others of the hallowed ground in Nelson. Please be respectful of our place. We are privileged to place on this website ( the 24 page special “Flood Disaster, 1969” publication produced and printed by the Daily Progress in Charlottesville, Virginia .

The Daily Progress management has kindly given us permission to place this on line and we acknowledge their copyright. Please do not copy. We are also very grateful to Pro Camera, Inc at 618 Forest Street, Charlottesville, Virginia ( 434 979 1915 ) for their help in imaging the special publication and placing it onto a disk for us. We acknowledge their considerable donation of time and reduced charge to the foundation to make that happen.

Many of you have visited and enjoyed the Rockfish River Trails that the foundation provides. If you will turn to page 9 of this Camille publication you will see the steps leading to nowhere that used to go into the H Edward Ewing home just above the bridge at the trail head. Both Mr. and Mrs. Ewing perished in the flood and their bodies located by neighbors searching downstream. Please remember them and the other 123 persons who lost their lives in this tragedy.