Merry Christmas from the Rockfish Valley Foundation

(To be sung to the tune of a “Partridge in a Pear Tree”)

In 2011 RVF brought to me:
One WIFI hot spot,
One video road cam,
One new geology trail,
And a lot of birds in the trees.

In 2011 RVF brought to me:
Two Star Watch programs,
One Kite Flying Festival,
The Nelson Scenic Loop,
And many dogs on the trails.

In 2011 RVF brought to me:
Two new kiosks,
The Spruce Creek Gallery Headquarters,
The Virginia Environmental Assembly,
And three hidden geocache sites.

So what’s coming in 2012? Among other things the RVF will become the first affiliate with the Virginia Museum of Natural History, will partner with the Blue Ridge Parkway and its Kids in the Park program, and hold the fourth annual kite festival on April 15. Also in 2012 you will be able to join the RVF as a member, and membership will bring with it some terrific benefits. To make all this happen we are asking that you consider volunteering your time and/or making a 2011 gift to RVF. Volunteers are currently particularly urgently needed for the Kite Festival Committee.

Some specific items we’d love to see donated follow:

The Rockfish Valley Foundation’s Christmas Wish List

To donate please send an email to or contact Peter Agelasto at 434-361-1296 or Alice Faintich at 434-361-0114. Thank you!

  • 1. Time
    Volunteers are needed for such tasks as helping with events, for example, the Kite Festival; landscape gardening in Spruce Creek Park; donating and installing plants; cleaning the RVF’s headquarters offices, acting as docents for the geology and birding trails; working on committees; stocking brochure boxes at trail heads; and assisting program managers as needed.
  • 2. Equipment
    Table-top display unit, larger display unit, telescopic roll stand, computer projection system, interactive flat-screen computer monitor, HP 500gb SimpleSave Backup, vacuum cleaner, small refrigerator, garden tools.
  • 3. Office supplies and furnishings
    Four-drawer file cabinet (preferably legal size), touch screen computer monitor, stamps, stationery, computer printer ink cartridges (for Canon MX 870 printer), and general office supplies.
  • 4. Underwriting ongoing needs
    For example, telephone line, Porta-jon, IT support, and utility bills.
  • 5. Other supplies
    Cleaning supplies: mop, broom, bucket, trash bags, trash can, wood floor cleaner, glass cleaner, paper towels, toilet paper, light bulbs, other (you name it, we can use it!).
  • 6. Party supplies Urns for hot water and coffee, disposable party supplies, table cloths, sugar and artificial sweetener packages.

Thank You to All of our past, present, and future supporters and volunteers!
Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!
The Rockfish Valley Foundation