Rocks to Racing connects rocks, water and geology to Moonshine and NASCAR! The exhibit which comes from the Virginia Museum of Natural History, the Virginia ABC and the Bedford Museum makes the connection between water and rocks and the local geology to Moonshine and Nascar.

Yes, there is a connection!

The center does not charge an admission but donations are appreciated. The Rockfish Valley Foundation also offers walking trails along the Rockfish River with wonderful birding, Spruce Creek Park and the Natural History Center. Splendid views of the Blue Ridge and all within a mile or so of wineries, breweries, the cidery and restaurants. Spring is here and its time to check out the new geocache trail along the Rockfish River.

The Rockfish Valley Foundation Natural History Center is an affiliate of the Virginia
Museum of Natural History located in Martinsville VA.

The Virginia Museum of Natural History, VA ABC Board and Bedford Museum opens April 6 at 10 am; thereafter the center is open 10 am until 4 pm Saturday and Sunday and by special arrangements.