We at Rockfish Valley Foundation participate in a number of programs that preserve and protect land resources. What follows is a listing of our commitments and links to sites where you may learn more about such opportunities. We invite you to visit and see the ongoing efforts to protect and enhance land in the South rockfish Valley that was first settled by Scotch Irish immigrants from Pennsylvania in the 1740s.

Virginia Outdoor Foundation conservation easement
CREP riparian easement
DGIF trails
VDOT river restoration and easement
Adopt a Stream
Adopt a Highway VDOT 2 miles Rt 151 and 2 miles Glenthorne, School house road
Virginia Master Naturalist Chapter with partners:
Chesapeake Bay Wildlife Found warm season grasses
UVA Dept of Environmental Science student projects, geology, ecology
VA Dept of Historic Resources recognition at VA and Dept of Interior historic buildings and farm
VA Tech Extension Service education, practices, environmental science
Virginia Blue Bird Society Trail and monitoring
Stream Monitoring DEQ, DCR
10 Primitive Campsites
Nelson County High School, FFA and environmental science
Star Gazing
Kite flying event
Valley loop trail events Spring Summer and Fall with larger trail