Design & Construction Management: VDOT Stream Team

Prime Contractor: Allegheny Construction Company, Roanoke, VA

Sub Contractor – Rock: Cedar Mountain Stone, Culpeper, VA

Sub Contractor – Compost Applications & Tubelings: RSG Landscaping, Rustburg, VA

Sub Contractor – Compost: Royal Oaks Farm, Evington, VA

Construction Time: 4-months @ 50-hour weeks

Approximate Project Cost: $1.4 million

Restoration Length: 11,000 linear feet

Channel Dimensions (at riffle): 32’-34’ wide & 2.2’-2.5’ mean depth

Maximum Pool Depth: 7.5’-8.0’

Reason for Project: To mitigate stream and wetland loss resulting from the construction of the Madison Heights Bypass.

Project Goals: To restore a stable dimension, pattern, and profile to the SF Rockfish River; to provide floodplain access to the river for the 1.5-year return interval storm event; to improve aquatic habitat, to restore riparian buffer, and to minimize livestock access to the river.

Number of Rock Structures (cross vanes & j-hook vanes) & Function: 42 – structures constructed to provide grade control, stream bank protection against erosion, and enhanced aquatic habitat.

Riparian Buffer: Approximately 22,000 tubelings, representing 18 species of native trees and shrubs will be planted. The stream bank will be planted with willow, silky dogwood, viburnum, and elderberry to provide stream bank protection. Further back on the floodplain and on the adjacent terraces will be planted with red maple, green ash, willow and pin oak, black gum, spice bush, sycamore, river birch, and winterberry.

Monitoring: VDOT has a mandatory 7-year monitoring requirement.

Approximately 15,000 linear feet of stream bank has been protected by placement in permanent conservation easements. Several thousand linear feet of stream bank have been removed from livestock access.