Tye River Study

2009 Tye River Stream Assessment

The purpose of this study is to identify any opportunities for restoration and community education on the Tye River. The Tye River is located in Nelson County, Virginia and its headwaters are located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Because this natural resource provides recreation, sustenance and aesthetic appeal to the residents of Nelson County, it is important that the river be monitored for its quality and sustainability. Although this study is not intended to determine specific water quality issues nor the actual biology of the wildlife in and around the river, it is intended to identify the opportunities for future research to gain a more narrow perspective on particular water quality and bank stability issues facing the Tye River. This study is also to be one of the many beginning steps to bring more community awareness to the abundance of natural resources in Nelson County. The Tye River is home to many different wildlife species, community establishments and is a reliance for many agricultural practices, which was observed as a major land use along the river. Because these three factors are important in a rural community such as Nelson County, it is imperative that the residents and visitors alike are able to gain a better understanding of the many benefits and offerings of the Tye River.