Atlantic Coast Pipeline route destroys RVF resources

View Rockfish Valley Foundation Comments to FERC Regarding Pipeline:

Friends of Wintergreen has recently filed a 128 page comment with FERC. We are posting it here. That includes a number of route proposals from FOW. There is concern in the Nelson community that these proposals are not in the best interest of Nelson County and are not well thought out. The routes are fraught with problems. Rockfish Valley Foundation feels strongly there is no place on the east side of the Blue Ridge that works for a 42 inch natural gas pipeline and in particular it is not appropriate to present routes that desecrate cultural, historic and environmental resources. Some of the proposed routes go thru registered historic resources and Federal Scenic Viewsheds as well as historic districts, birding trails and major economic engines for the County.

Colin and Amy Winter live with their three children in the South Rockfish Valley as do his parents. A proposal from Friends of Wintergreen will have major impact on them. He has written to Jon Ansell, a member of the FOW Board a letter. It expresses the feelings of so many in the county that RVF has published it here:

► Colin Winter letter

► Friends of Wintergreen comments

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